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I had the privilege to sing with Arena for 10 years.
(2000 and 2010).
Arena were already an established Prog' Rock act touring Europe, Canada, South America and more. 
I was blown away when asked to become the new front man.
It was an enormous learning curve for me to work with such great musicians.
Clive Nolan, Mick Pointer, John Mitchell and Ian Salmon.
The first couple of years were tough.
I really struggled to get to grips with the demands of the material and the standard of musicianship, 
however the whole experience improved me as a vocalist tenfold.
We had some incredible gigs and outstanding performances,
especially at the Boerderij, the Spirit of 66 and of course Z7,
to name but a few.
And some great experiences along the way.
Ask any of the boys about the story behind Breakfast in Biarritz.
I miss touring with the guys and I miss the fantastic Arena fans,
though I still maintain contact with a few to this day.
During my time with the band we recorded 3 studio albums,
2 live albums and 2 dvd's as well as a few e.p's.
It is still possible to find all of this great work and more at
Verglas Music
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